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The New Zealand Curiculum Online - Success for boys.

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Success for boys is a subsection of New Zealand Curiculum Online.

Captain Taniwha and the Sticky Space Snot – What happens next?

With a squelching, slimy splat, green blobs of interplanetary space snot smothered the cockpit of Captain Taniwha's rocket ship. He was blinded. And even worse: on a high speed collision course with Earth.

Oh, if only I hadn't disturbed the galactic nose, thought Captain Taniwha as his rocket ship hurtled towards Earth.

The rocket windscreen wipers only made it worse. Snot smeared everywhere. And there wasn't any water left in the wipers either.

“Stink! I knew I should have filled the water up last time I was at the space gas station. Meanwhile, Earth is getting dangerously close.”

Squinting through the snot smears, Captain Taniwha looks for any sign of where he might crash.

“Blue! That means water – Captain Taniwha likes water. Time to swim!”

The ship shakes as it breaks the sound barrier with a deafening roar, and plunges into the Pacific Ocean. Bubbles everywhere, and the windscreen is wiped clean of snot.

“Success! I can see, I can ... I can see a huge mako shark outside my window.”

What happens next?

[words on the screen: You've just watched a story starter—how would you finish the story?]

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