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The New Zealand Curiculum Online - Success for boys.

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Success for boys is a subsection of New Zealand Curiculum Online.

Bret McKenzie – Big vs Bigger

Story starter by Bret McKenzie, comedian/actor/musician. 

An oversized kid must overcome the odds to defeat an even bigger bully. 


 “Sean was the biggest kid on the street.  I'm talking huge, as big as a bus. He actually lifted a bus once with his bare hands. Sean ruled the neighbourhood, he was kind of a big deal. That was until Big Steve, an even bigger kid moved in next door ..."


Introduction to Story Starters, how they work to help inspire boys' writing and practical examples of how to use the resource in the classroom.

Also, background information on how to help boys learn, including links to relevant research in this area.


Introduction by Bret

Bret McKenzie introduces himself and his story starter.

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Story animation - What happens next?

The animated story, ending at the climax of the story with the question "What happens next?"

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Complete story animated video

The animated story plays out to its conclusion.

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How to use these videos in class

Story Starters can be used in a variety of ways to help boys engage with writing and inspire them to write more.

The videos provide many opportunities for watching, discussing, responding, recording, clarifying, communicating, reflecting, comparing, contrasting, evaluating, and writing.

The teacher should be explicit that one of the main purposes of this resource is to help the boys see why getting better at writing is important.

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