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The New Zealand Curiculum Online - Success for boys.

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Success for boys is a subsection of New Zealand Curiculum Online.

48HR SLAMs and Inspiring Creative Writing

In June 2014, the Ministry of Education piloted an innovative learning programme for boys identified as having problems engaging with traditional education methods. 

About the pilot programme

The pilot used the proprietary programme created by Kiwa Digital Ltd, The 48HR SLAMTM, to develop innovative resources and a parallel enquiry process, with the goal of finding new ways to lift boys’ achievement and success. Five intensive two-day workshops for boys aged between 10 and 15 years were run at five New Zealand schools, Hora Hora School, Howick College, Wainui School, St. Paul's College and Windy Ridge School. The boys worked in groups of 4-5 students and with the help of facilitators created their own interactive digital books that are now published to the world through the global iTunes store. At the same time a comprehensive enquiry process was undertaken to ensure the learning was captured for sharing with other teachers and schools. 

Key findings included:

  • Independent observations revealed students fully engaged in the learning task, embodying the five key competencies in the New Zealand Curriculum.
  • The programme provided them with behavioural, emotional and cognitive success in communicating orally, visually and in writing.
  • Their achievement was evident in making meaning and creating meaning, core strands of the New Zealand Curriculum.
  •  91% of students interviewed finished the workshop with high self-efficacy and belief that their skills had improved.

The workshops

The workshops were captured in these inspirational videos. Designed to give teachers ideas and strategies they can implement with boys in their classes - the videos focus on the learning related to one of the five key competencies:


Using language, symbols and text

Managing self

Relating to others

Participating and contributing

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The research 

Qualitative and quantitative research produced by international research company TNS, that reports evidence of application of the key competencies as well as workshop engagement.

An Independent Research Report produced by Dr Jenny Poskitt, Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Education at Massey University, which describes what she observed, summarizes related research literature, and analyses the programme using observations, interviews and relevant literature.

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The digital books

The intensive two days of Digital Storytelling culminated in the students creating these twenty-one digital stories created for the iPad. Told through striking interactive artwork and narrated in the students’ own voices, you can download them from the Apple App Store and immerse yourself in these creative stories.


Astro-Cow experiences a series of transformational events as he bangs around from place to place on a number of high-impact adventures, some of which are truly out of this world! Written and illustrated by Logan Anderson, Max Rensen, Jack Hancox, Daniel Steward, and Patrick Lunt.

Band of Angels

When God realises that all the good musicians are dead, he puts Mozart in charge of assembling a super-group of angels for a one-off concert that will show the musicians back on Earth what good music really sounds like. Written and illustrated by Cullen Masters, Raidan Pei­Fatau, Sililo Puleanga, Sam Tofa­Timoteo, and Ngahe Sione. Also included is a Samoan language version of this story; translated by Samuel Tanielu and narrated by the students. With thanks to Siobhan Harrod, Helen Newell and Deputy Principal Laurence Caltaux.

Behind Closed Curtains

In a future where the world is ruled by a corrupt totalitarian government, Davey the curtain hanger discovers that for years, part of his job has involved concealing the government’s plans to build a secret super-weapon. Davey’s revelation incites him to sabotage the government’s evil plan and eliminate the corrupt dictator. Written and illustrated by Michael Stanaway, Adam Marolias, Joseph Carter, Conor Kaczmar and Jordan Coneybeer.

Centronaut - The Iron Dog

Centronaut the Iron Dog loves eating bikes, but when Steel Taniwha takes Centronaut’s next meal away to go joyriding, Centronaut must track and confront him to get his lunch back. Written and illustrated by Jahkarl Paul, Vadim Fong, Mavrik Hemopo, Xylen Ngaruhe and Maara Teina.

Charlie’s Grudge

For a long time, Charlie the floating unicorn has been holding a grudge against Frank the sheep for stealing his towel – the key to Charlie’s full unicorn powers – and today is the day he’s decided to finally do something about it. Written and illustrated by Jade Waipara, Ashton Savannah, Paddy Waugh, and Liam Hudson.

Damo the Sloth

When a clan of marauding bananas, who use high-pitched screams as their main offensive weapon, attack a group of sloths as revenge for eating their relations, the sloths’ only hope is Damo, who is deaf and willing to negotiate with the bananas to find a fruity solution to the conflict. Written and illustrated by Grant Seaborn, Clayton Geirnaert, Mitchell Perrin, Saheel Prasad and Josh Killian.

Dragon Storm and Boris Jogman

Allgon’s bravest warrior, Dragon Storm, must save his home world from the evil musician Boris Jogman, who plans to destroy it with his nuclear ukulele. Written and illustrated by Harlem Mangu, Holden Ripia, Ryan Stallard, and Jacardi Murray.

Jon and the Watermelon Penguins

Jon, who has a taste for watermelons, discovers an iceberg in Antarctica that is overflowing with his favourite fruit. However, when he has to fight the evil penguins that are defending the iceberg, he suddenly finds himself getting a taste for a different kind of snack… Written and illustrated by Nicholas Craythorne, Reece White, Matthew Lawrie, Micah Va'afusuaga, Joshua Hartshorne and Nathan Carr.

Lifeguard Rex Waverider Vs Agent Axel Rubbish Dumper

In the year 10001, Rex Waverider and his sidekick Robowolf, the most awesome lifeguards in the world, must stop Agent Axel Rubbish Dumper, who is dumping rubbish in the ocean, causing people to drown. Written and illustrated by Liam Donoghue, J.P Gerbes, Motuhi Ofa, Joshua Green and Ethan Victorino.

Lucifer's Claim

Angels and demons do battle in this re-imagining of the biblical story of Gabriel and Lucifer, in which Lucifer seeks power over family loyalty. Written and illustrated by Jacob Smith, Mahoni Talanoa, Lepa To’a, Keneti Rowe­Kurene, and Dylan Tavita. Also included is a Samoan language version of this story; translated by Samuel Tanielu and narrated by the students. With thanks to Siobhan Harrod, Helen Newell and Deputy Principal Laurence Caltaux.

M.O.T.I.F and the Smuggle Forests

MOTIF the robot must recover the amazing power gem to stop his home planet, Jetbon, from running out of fuel. Unfortunately, the gem is hidden deep within the Smuggle Forest and is guarded by intimidating flying cows…
Written and illustrated by Tarun Perumal, Elijah Victorino, Joshua Thorley, Noah Porter and Braydon Johnstone.

Paulo 183 Crew

When the members of an up-and-coming dance crew are betrayed by one of their own teammates, who turns out to be a spy from a rival crew, it looks like they will never win the championship. But when they decide to use determination, and incorporate traditional cultural moves into their routines, it seems the championship might almost be within their grasp… Written and illustrated by Denzel Ake, Daymon Abbey, Ophire Atutolu, and Malone Davis. Also included is a Samoan language version of this story; translated by Samuel Tanielu and narrated by the students.

Potatoes vs Kumara - King Kumara strikes

An age-old rivalry between potatoes and kumara erupts in the garden when King Kumara, who is tired of his kind being treated as second-class vegetables, seizes the throne and starts a civil war against the potatoes. Written and illustrated by Karl Brown, Mike Wood, Niko Mravicich, Cameron Amundsen and Ethan Crathorn.

Soccer World Champions

In the final of the Soccer World Championships, two highly rated teams go head to head, but in a surprising twist, an unexpected pitch invasion changes everything… Written and illustrated by David Hulbert, Harrison Cole, Jacob O’Flaherty, and Ethan Scott.

Swich Saves The Galaxy

Swich, one of the galaxy’s most powerful heroes, is forced to battle against his best friends after they are brainwashed by a passing UFO that sprays them with poison brainwashing gas, making them want to conquer all the planets in the galaxy. Written and illustrated by Kaydin Palmer, Shikane Singh, Jo Creamer and Jahlyle Murray.

The Adventures of Ninja Kiwi and Pan Man

When the evil Animal Man destroys the home village of Ninja Kiwi and his sidekick Pan Man, the duo must track and defeat Animal Man so they can finally bring him to justice. Written and illustrated by Bailey Delani, Leo-Aki Siafa, Darrion Thorburn, Jahsdis Ngaruhe.

The Four Superheroes

Four superhero brothers who live on a space station, are ambushed by the enigmatic “Mr Unfinished Business”, who wants revenge for the accidental death of his wife. Written and illustrated by Morgan Nepia, Dante Ihaka, Zane Hemara, and Rangi Naera. 

The legend of the duplicating super robots

Nitro Falcon must stop his nemesis, Robotank, from stealing valuable gold and diamonds, but Robotank has the power of self-replication, and as his powers grow stronger and stronger, he threatens to take over the entire world…  Written and illustrated by Rocco Tuitahi, Lucas Brindley, Alexander Pham, Jake Talaic and Dylan Ravji.

The Mystery of the Gorilla

Maurice, who was once human, has been living unhappily as a gorilla for three years after falling into a puddle of radioactive water while out for a walk one night. Three years later, he finally sees the opportunity to change his life for the better when he stumbles across a ghosticorn tormenting a mad scientist in the middle of the forest. Written and illustrated by Isaac Kirkwood Smith, Divan Meissenheimer, Jaydee Richardson, Ethan Rogan, and Matt Vastre. 

The Real Boy

This is the story of a man who is willing to do anything to prove himself to the father of the woman he loves. The father sets him the seemingly impossible task of defeating an all-star line up of basketball players in a series of one-on-one grudge matches. Also included is a Samoan language version of this story; translated by Samuel Tanielu and narrated by the students. Written and illustrated by Steven Edgar, Arthur Fraser, Keio Vea and Johnny Lolo.

The Soccer Race

When the best soccer players on Earth are challenged to a game of football by robots from the planet Robodrid, they form team Humancelona and battle against the robots in a match that will decide whether humans or robots will end up running the world.
Written and illustrated by Daniel Roberts, Chase Baker, Guy Suzuki, Nicholas Dontschenko and Maximo Rubio.

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