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The New Zealand Curiculum Online - Success for boys.

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Success for boys is a subsection of New Zealand Curiculum Online.

The Great Skateboard Mystery – Introduction by Levi

What's up? My name's Levi Hawken. I'm known as the Nek Minnit guy, and I'm also a skateboarder.

I've been skateboarding for a long time. I bomb down big hills real fast. I also have my own little brand of skateboards called Nek Minnit skateboards. And I teach kids how to skate as well.

So writing is really important to me in my job and what I do because I use social media a lot, and so I have to be able to write things. I have to write little stories, I have a blog, and I tell stories about my skateboarding adventures and tours and all the things that we do.

And I've gotta make things interesting, so I have to be a little bit more creative as well.

So yeah, writing is just such a big part of everything I do. It's not just skateboarding – it's everything else that goes along with that that helps me make it a living and a lifestyle so I can get by by skateboarding.

So when I was at primary school and intermediate, I used to like reading books by Roald Dahl because his stuff was real funny and real creative. And the characters were real crazy and they did kinda weird things. And I just liked how he was like really cut loose and you just never knew where the story was going go.

[Text on screen - Levi Hawken's story starter.]

“So Nico wakes up in hospital with both legs and both arms in casts, his skateboard broken in two, and he has no idea what happened. The last thing he remembers was walking up a massive hill with his skateboard and his dog.”

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