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The New Zealand Curiculum Online - Success for boys.

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Success for boys is a subsection of New Zealand Curiculum Online.

The Great Skateboard Mystery – Complete story

Nico wakes up in hospital both legs and both arms in plaster, his skateboard broken in two, and he doesn't know why. The only thing he can remember is walking up a massive hill with his skateboard and his dog.

“Ohh oww!”

Nico woke up in hospital to find his arms and legs in plaster.

“My head hurts.”

Nico couldn't remember how he got here. He had to think hard.

“My head still hurts."

(stardust sound)

"But how did the skateboard break? Think Nico. I remember I wanted to make a funny home video of my dog riding my skateboard. I placed him on the skateboard and pushed record. Then what happened?”

(the sound of a dog panting)

“What is it buddy?”

This is a bacon-wrapped cat. It's one of the most amazing delicacies known to dog-kind.

“Bacon-wrapped cats are a menace. My dog loves them too much.”

(meowing cat and "Whoooaa!")

“I remember the chase was a blur. I could have crashed into so many things, but I'm a good skateboarder. I avoided crashing into a letterbox. I avoided crashing into a recycling bin. I avoided crashing into a parked car.”

But there was one thing that Nico couldn't avoid.

"WHOOOA-AAAH" (sounds of brakes)


“The last things I remember are cats falling down towards me; bacon falling towards me; cat claws coming towards me; and my skateboard landing on me.”


And that's how Nico won first prize in the funny home videos competition. Special category: LOL Bacon-Wrapped Cats.

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