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The New Zealand Curiculum Online - Success for boys.

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Success for boys is a subsection of New Zealand Curiculum Online.

Introduction by Dai – transcript

G'day, kia ora, hello. My name is Dai Henwood.

I'm calling in from my salubrious, flash office in Auckland. I also live up here. My job is a comedian.

I'm lucky enough to be on a show – TV3's 7 Days, which is on Friday nights.

Aside from that, I work as a comedian. I travel around New Zealand and, when I'm lucky enough, overseas.

I tell jokes, but I spend most of my days in this place writing my jokes.

I got into writing at school. I had a couple of teachers when I was ten or eleven, who were really focused on creative writing and writing with no purpose. Just pick a story, pick a topic, and go for it.

And what got me into writing in that context was, it didn't feel like work, it didn't feel like school. It was just something that I'd do for fun.

And I remember I would sit at home, and I'd just write down stories with a pen, and then I'd tell them to my mates. So I really like the idea of writing and then converting writing into spoken word.

[Text on screen - Dai Henwood's story starter.]

"Every weekend there was one job that Hemi hated doing: mowing the lawns. He'd much rather be building his latest robot invention in the shed. That was it! What if Hemi could build a robot to mow the lawns?"

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