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The New Zealand Curiculum Online - Success for boys.

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Success for boys is a subsection of New Zealand Curiculum Online.

Hooked on Danger – Complete story

Pua cast his line from the dinghy and it snagged straight away. Uncle tried to help him real it in but it wouldn't budge. Suddenly the skies turned grey, the sea got choppy, and a giant pirate ship bubbled up from the depths of the ocean, dwarfing Uncle’s dinghy.

(sound of reeling in a fishing line)

“Uncle, you know how I said I was gonna catch us dinner for tonight? Does a pirate ship count as dinner?”

“Hello, anyone here?”

“Awesome! Look at this Uncle.”

“Be careful, Pua. That cutlass looks sharper than a machete.”

“Can I keep it?”

“There's no one here, so the ship seems abandoned. I guess we can keep it as long as we share anything we find with the whole village.”

“Deal! Let's find treasure!”

Pua and his uncle found a heap of treasure on board, so it was time to head home and show the village. But the ship had no sails so they had to transport it in Uncle's dinghy.


“My gold! Who's been disturbing my treasure?”

“Uncle, it's a giant squid!”

“Stay away from my treasure!”

“He's angry! Get ready to abandon ship, Pua.”

“So we've lost the treasure, and we've got no dinner. What do we do, Uncle?”

“Use the cutlass, Pua.”

(light reflects from the cutlas blade)

“Ouch! I can't see! Get that reflection out of my massive eye!”


“I can see you now!”

“Stay away from us!” (Pua slashes the giant squid)

And that's how Pua caught dinner for the whole village.

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