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The New Zealand Curiculum Online - Success for boys.

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Success for boys is a subsection of New Zealand Curiculum Online.

Try Tackling a Pterodactyl – What happens next?

A giant zombie Pterodactyl has taken a liking to roosting on the rugby goal posts on the eve of the biggest match of the season. It’s up to team captain Rangi and his prop forwards to get rid of the giant beast.

Rangi and his prop forwards stand at a safe distance from the zombie pterodactyl because it could attack at any moment.

“Oi, are you dangerous or friendly?”

“Friendly aye? Good! Do you want to play rugby for our team tomorrow? We've got a big match and you could be our secret weapon!”

The zombie pterodactyl was keen, but he didn't know how to play rugby.

“No worries. We can train you!”

Luckily the pterodactyl was a herbivore, so the rugby players lured it off the crossbar with a large head of broccoli tied to the end of a rope.

They led it to the training zone.

Now it was time for Rangi to use his hypnosis skills to train it in the rules of rugby.

“You are getting very sleepy ... You will be a great rugby player."

It seemed to work. Next they had to put him in their team colours.

On the day of the game, the pterodactyl zombie waits on the bench to be subbed on. He's anxious and worried.

“You're up big fella. Time to play. There's only one point in the game.”

“Oi, you said you were a friendly zombie pterodactyl! Come back!”

[words on the screen: You've just watched a story starter—how would you finish the story?]

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