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The New Zealand Curiculum Online - Success for boys.

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Success for boys is a subsection of New Zealand Curiculum Online.

That Really Stinks! Introduction by Johnson

Hey there, I'm Johnson Raela. I'm a TV presenter and radio announcer, and I'm the current Flava drive-by host.

Writing's important in my job because we have to write scripts. Both in TV and in radio, you have to write scripts to announce out to everybody and to present.

We don't just show up and talk – you have to prepare everything, and that involves a lot of writing and communicating with your viewers and your listeners.

That's one of the best things about working in TV and radio is hearing what your listeners feel, and also responding back to them.

When I was younger I would read a lot of sports magazines, a lot of surf magazines.

They were usually because my Dad or my older brothers would be reading them, and I'd come along and pick them up and have a read as well.

But I also loved to write stories about my family going away on holiday. We didn't have a lot of money so we'd usually just go to the beach, or go to a family’s house.

And I used to love writing about my childhood experiences and what we got up to as a big family. And I remember writing one particular story where our whole family went away to Disneyland. We haven't been there yet, but through creative writing we've been there.

[Text on screen - Johnson Raela's story starter.]

“Sam’s sister wasn’t going to believe that a huge toilet monster with three blood-sucking tentacles took her smartphone. So Sam bravely went under the house and into the stinky sewerage pipe jungle.”

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