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The New Zealand Curiculum Online - Success for boys.

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Success for boys is a subsection of New Zealand Curiculum Online.

Boys' Achievement: a Synthesis of Data

Boys’ Achievement: A Synthesis of the Data (2007)

Provides an overview of boys’ educational achievement in New Zealand schools

Leaflet Success for Boys (PDF 251KB)

Summarises key findings from the report


The report is an updates of boys’ participation, engagement, and achievement in schooling, in particular secondary schooling.

While many boys are high achievers, boys are over-represented in statistics related to:

  • early problems in reading
  • disengagement from school
  • lower achievement in reading and writing
  • lower qualification attainment.

Key findings

Most boys are achieving well, and a number of them are advanced readers and writers.

Some differences in the participation, engagement, and achievement of boys and girls exist.

  • Girls perform better in reading and writing at all school levels and across all ethnic groups and are improving at a greater rate than boys.
  • From year 11, boys are leaving school at a faster rate than girls.
  • Particularly Māori and Pasifika boys, more boys than girls:
    • are stood-down and suspended
    • are excluded or expelled
    • gain early leaving exemptions.
  • Boys are less likely than girls to gain University Entrance, NCEA, or higher qualifications, or participate in and attain degree-level qualifications.
  • Māori and Pasifika boys are less likely to leave school with University Entrance or higher qualifications than boys from other ethnic groups.

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