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The New Zealand Curiculum Online - Success for boys.

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Success for boys is a subsection of New Zealand Curiculum Online.


Using e-learning in the classroom can motivate and engage boys and support their learning in new ways.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is visual, interactive, and provides opportunities for learners to express their learning creatively. It also allows students to share and collaborate with communities of learners beyond the classroom.

E-learning can offer boys richer, more customised learning pathways that take account of individual, cultural, or developmental differences.

E-learning resources

A number of e-learning resources that are available to schools are supported by professional learning programmes. These resources extend your options to personalise learning to meet the needs of boys in your school. Here’s a sample of what’s available:

Enabling e-Learning 
Relevant information, resources, and communities to support teachers and schools in developing their e-learning practice

Scootle's Open Education Resources (OER) page 
Learning objectives and digital resources

Te Tuhi ā-Hiko (2007)
CD-ROM in te reo Māori that models and supports the writing process. Te Huhi ā-Hiko is an interactive writing tool designed to assist Māori-medium students in years 5–8.

E-learning research

Literacy teaching and learning in e-Learning contexts (June 2010)
Report presents the findings of a research project on literacy teaching and learning in e-Learning contexts. The overarching research question for this project was: How are e-Learning contexts used effectively to support the literacy learning needed for the 21st century? You can download the full text as a PDF (913.7 KB) or Word doc (2.3 MB).

How can schools foster and support e-learning and virtual learning? (2009)
This set of three PowerPoint presentations is based on findings from NZCER's 2008-2009 research on Students’ experiences of learning in virtual classrooms.

PowerPoints available for download are  virtual classroom research for:

  • principles (1.07 MB)
  • teachers (598 KB)
  • students (1.47 MB)

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